608 Glenmeade Circle, Purcellville,VA 20132


Thank you for visiting  today  into a glimpse of my studio haven.

Having entered the art environment after many years of the joy of  my family, community and church service as well as a life filled with music.  this college sociology major  has experienced various work venues, children's services,the YWCA, school teacher, and founder/director of Loudoun Counties very first community center. Now that the amazing entry into the art world surrounds me , I am eager to share the immense satisfaction I have found in the brush and palette knife.
If you really want to be alert to your environment, take up art in any form! Amazing how the colors we see everywhere join together in their lights and shadows translating into "things of beauty and a joy forever".My youth journey was without electronic media. Our gang depended upon imaginative creativity everyday. No art taught in our small public school , YET, THE ART of bring constantly aware of our surroundings was a daily test of the success of the day.
 I make no pretense of lifetime professional art instructional background. The sandbox, sculpturing in our deep snows, designing and sewing my own clothes were my introduction to an art form. In fact my "home ec" teacher was the first to open the doors to the art museums of Philadelphia, DC and NYC. That began a lifetime of appreciation and admiration of the work of many great artists and their world ,and I've always a bit tempted to try its waters. Faithfully every ten years it seems, I have taken art classes.. at college,then the Corcoran Gallery in DC, NVCC, and in Loudoun County many gifted and encouraging professionals have widened the doors and with great patience expanded my vision During the first half of my life however music was how I expressed every emotion with the notes SOMEONE ELSE had written on a staff, When a sudden hearing loss occurred thirty years ago I have found  that every creative expression is UP TO ME, I must find the  
inspiration  that beckons me to a blank canvas. Its UP TO ME to pick up the brush or painting knife and dare to think I will end up with something on that canvas that not only satisfies this painter but will be shared with others who will find in it something that "SINGS " to   them !  ART has become my music!!  I have found a fantastic passion through my painting.The journey continues as a joy!  Always several canvases in process in my studio. Transitioning between them keeps the work fresh and exciting . I have found, "in art there are no conclusions, only new beginnings", so true. Each time a challenge is met, another follows. It never ends. Alleluia! Now nearing 86,life still is  very exciting. So much to do as all I see becomes a potential subject. In my music  I sang  hoping to please the listeners ear ,be it in Opera, the church, or  Broadway type music.Now I still hope to share a colorful harmony . Belonging to the Loudoun Sketch Club presents opportunities to find those harmonies that  surround all of us !   
 Growing up in rural PA, I love this areas barns , spring houses and sadly disappearing farmland. As the Blue Ridge Mts and the Shenandoah River beyond are practically in my backyard,there is lots to see. Also love to paint ocean scenes and those of my travels as well as the still life. Painting from your favorite photos , and  paint commissions by contract, en plien aire... the list goes on. Thank you for visiting this exhibit and I will be eager to have you join me in my home and studio by appointment!


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